From Tiny Homes and Temporary Housing, to Log Cabins, Garages & Chalets…

At Remote Housing Solutions, we believe that innovation makes the difference when considering the myriad of housing options that are currently available.

Coupled with unparalleled service, RHS strives to present a superior product at a standard, or “Cookie Cutter” price.

Residential Cabin Homes

Diverse selection of ultra-durable tiny houses, modular homes and log cabins, ideal for use as a primary residence or vacation cabin.

Corporate Housing

An affordable and outside-the-box way to house new employees, trainees or corporate visitors, with many custom plans available.

Garages & Pavilions

Protect your vehicles or enhance the beauty of your property, by adding a manufactured garage, terrace or gazebo to your property.

Integrating our client's history, philosophy, and objectives into our products, RHS executes a camp life indicative of home, with characteristics that are unique to our clients corporate culture.

Aware of our responsibility to the clients we serve, the communities in which we operate, and the legacy we leave behind, RHS is actively on the path to self sustaining, carbon negative, Remote Housing Solutions.

Whether you're a family looking to downsize, go off-grid or join the tiny house movement, Remote Housing Solutions offers a comprehensive array of manufactured homes and compact dwelling units to meet every need and budget. 

  • Expertly-Manufactured Log Cabins
  • Spacious Tiny Home Solutions
  • Temporary and Corporate Housing
  • Garages, Pavilions and Canopies
  • Remote, Primitive and Off-Grid Housing
  • Constructed for Durability Using Premium Materials
  • Full Water and Electrical Connectivity

Superior Materials & Process for Innovative Compact Homes

What makes our manufactured tiny houses and extensions unique?  It begins with the finest and most durable materials, selected especially for their combination of strength, value and beauty.  Years of meticulous design and concepting have been imparted creating floor plans and layouts that are efficient, open and inviting.  The end result; remarkable carbon-negative, self-sustaining homes designed specifically for a new era of socially-responsible living.