Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the quintessential American virtues of a firm handshake and the integrity of one's word; for the delivery of a viable product and a lasting business relationship is contingent upon these.

Enhancing the communities in which we operate, providing a superior product, and protecting our clients bottom line -all the while limiting our negativity impact- is a tall order, but an order that we execute through exhaustive research and strategic alliances.

At Remote Housing Solutions, we come from a diverse collective background of professionals dedicated to offering a more affordable and sustainable way of life.  Whether it's revitalizing the way your family lives, or streamlining the way your company does business, each aspect of our operation has been crafted to make the process easy, personalized and rewarding for you.

Remote Housing Solutions is proud to be a family owned and operated company.

Remote Housing with Imagination & Character

For too long now, tiny home living meant spending a small fortune or having to compromise with limited market availability.   RHS has been working tirelessly to make sustainable living more accessible and affordable, while constantly exploring new methods of improving both structural integrity and aesthetic charm.

Diverse Options

If you're as concerned about choice as you are about living responsibly, we offer hundreds of options to ensure that your living space or structure is as one-of-a-kind as you are.  This includes a full spectrum of manufactured homes ranging from around 100 square feet, to larger, self-sustaining and two-story models with porches, kitchen/baths and seemingly limitless room configurations.

Innovative Space-Friendly Designs

The debate is over; more people are looking in the direction of simplicity and self-sustained living.  And today, the options have never been more expansive.  Whether you're an individual or family looking to minimize or simplify the way you live, or a business looking for custom employee housing solutions, our extensive catalog has options and floorplans to suit whatever you can dream up.

Exceptional Materials

Anyone can build a tiny home that looks decent.  The real test of integrity comes from determining whether it offers the quality, protection and comfort you need to thrive.  At RHS we've made it our life's work to address these concerns head on.  Our fabricated homes and structures are constructed from responsibly-harvested quality woods, as well as other materials sourced for their strength, value and pro-environmental benefits.

Simple Living that's Good for our planet.

If you're ready to begin reaping the all-encompassing benefits of tiny house living, Remote Housing Solutions looks forward to helping you take that first critical step.  To learn more about us, carbon-negative housing advantages , or our wide assortment of holistic home designs, contact RHS today for complete information.