Corporate Housing

Affordable, Eco-friendly Corporate Housing Units

Our innovative fabricated cabins and structures are not only popular with eco & space-savvy consumers, many businesses have discovered how beneficial and relatively inexpensive they can be when utilized creatively.  Here are just a few of the many ways in which today's companies can improve efficiency with RHS.

Corporate & Employee Housing

Housing employees from outside your state or region can be expensive, and not every booking fares flawlessly.  Remote Housing Solutions allows you to setup dorm-style housing on-site for training sessions, corporate visitors and special events on your property.

On-Site Training Annex

Many businesses are using manufactured structures to set up training centers, facility expansions and on-site workshops.  We offer a dynamic range of options to help your business expedite productivity and lower housing expenses; all while significantly reducing professional carbon footprint.

Food Vendors & Kiosk-style Merchants

Our smaller units are the perfect way for vendors and merchants to serve more customers and maintain on-site inventory.  They can be fashioned with large windows and walk-up areas, in addition to an extensive selection of woods, densities, color schemes and roof styles.

For Business Storage Needs

Why add a traditional storage shed, when you could be enhancing your property with an innovative and eco-friendly addition designed to perform, protect and endure for years?  Scores of successful companies have discovered that fabricated additions are wonderful when it comes to storage for business.

How Can Remote Housing Solutions Improve Your Workflow?

Whether you're a small business owner, a property manager or an entrepreneur, RHS has solutions for businesses and organizations of every imaginable stripe.  To learn more on how our affordable negative-carbon structures can responsibly supercharge your profits and productivity, call and speak with one of our staff members today.