Quality & Construction

Our Product Quality Compared to Standard Construction

Whilst standard walls are essentially vertical-standing, compartmentalized, hollow boxes, our structures have three very distinct advantages over the traditional methods:

  • Horizontally stacked logs will always capitalize on Gravity.
  • Ripple Crafting (double tongue-and-groove), which creates maximum surface friction, extends the entire run of every 2 ¾” thick board (see photos).
  • Overlapping, interlocking corners (Lincoln Log-style) tie everything together.

It is these three distinct differences that make it impossible to compare this method of construction to our standard way of building.  These buildings are literal fortresses by comparison, as every wall in the house is solid wood.

We are very confident in saying that we offer some or the more unique and structurally sound wood buildings in the nation.  All of our log Structures are made from 100% Northern European Spruce, and then milled with Ripple Crafting to ensure a rock-solid fit.