Residential Cabin Homes

Compact Residential Homes and Fabricated Structures

Whether you're considering a significant downsize in living space, building a vacation home or looking to enhance the look and eco-sustainability of your property, RHS offers arguably the most diverse selection of prefabricated housing solutions and extension structures.

Log Cabins

Our cabin homes come in countless sizes and floor configurations; and are complete with windows, doors, roof&floor decking, and full access to water and electricity if desired.  Each one can be tailored to meet your specifications including floor plan, roof style, wall height&thickness- just to name a few.

Tiny Homes

Ideal for off-grid living and those looking to achieve zero carbon impact: RHS proudly offers an inventory of compact fabricated homes designed especially to accentuate your lifestyle.  Whether you go big or go small, you'll be assured the superior quality and craftsmanship we've worked hard to establish and maintain.

Canopy, Pyramid and Flat Roofs

One of the true joys of creating your new efficient living environment involves adding personalized features that reflect your outlook.  Selecting the right roof for your residence is a decision that will affect you for years to come, and RHS strives to provide the greatest number of options.

Chalets and Gazebos

At RHS we're known for more than just our tiny homes and sustainable houses; we're also a leader in the field of fabricated additions to give your property a more well-rounded and functional feel.  Choose from a constantly-evolving inventory of garages, gazebos, terraces, chalets and storage units.

Need more information on buying a compact cabin home?

We understand that this is one decision that simply can't be taken lightly, and that talking to a residential efficiency expert can help immeasurably.  Give us a call to learn more about our products or the advantages of making the move to a smaller residence.